Friday, 1 February 2013

10 My New Trusty Black Ankle Boots

Some of you may have read my Christmas wishlist post where I lusted over a beautiful pair of Topshop Chelsea boots. Safe to say, they were definitely out of my price range at a whopping £80 so I stuck to mooning over them online to cheer myself up on particularly bad days.

HOWEVER, last week I invested in a new pair of boots that happen to be almost exactly the same (minus the elasticy bit on the side) for a fraction of the price. I have fallen into ankle boot love and they have seriously improved my life (no joke). 

After my favourite brown boots died a sorrowful death in the snow, I had to pop into town for an emergency shoe buy and came across these beauties in Dorothy Perkins. They were on sale for £20 (YES) and have a teeny tiny heel that make a really satisfying clicking sound on the pavement so pretty much a win in every respect. The only downside is that they’re made of a suede like material which means they scuff quite easily, which for me is an issue as I walk like a ridiculous person and manage to scuff shoes in places they shouldn't be scuffed.

I envisage myself wearing these with everything. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of black ankle boots, can you?

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