Thursday, 13 December 2012

8 REVIEW: Makeup brushes on a budget.


I have a confession to make. I'm poor. My life is generally in a state of ridiculousness at the moment but I'm pretty convinced that's no excuse for not having a nice face. Because of my state of poverty, my makeup brush collection had got into a terrible state - I was reduced to one powder brush, one angled blusher brush, a blending brush and a shadow brush. And that's it. I know, #firstworldproblems. 

I'd heard on the grapevine that the Fraulein 38 brushes were good but I was initially skeptical - I'm used to Mac brushes but I've pretty much lost all of them (having moved house a lot in the past 3 years). The Fraulein 38 brushes are ridiculously cheap, however, so I decided to bite the bullet and invest regardless. I went for the 7 piece travel set that includes:

  • Powder brush, 
  • Blush brush, 
  • Foundation brush, 
  • Eyeshadow brush,
  • Small shader brush,
  • Sponge eyeshadow applicator,
  • Nasal shadow brush (I imagine this is used for contouring...)
  • Travel bag.
All this costed me around £7.30. Ridiculous, right?!
In my mind, cheap brushes never give the same results as pricier makeup brushes but here is my review of the travel size brushes!

The Powder Brush:
Not a huge fan of this brush - though mostly for size reasons. Travel sized powder brushes are a bit useless in my opinion, I prefer a much bigger brush. On the plus side, the bristles are beautifully soft and do give a good coverage. In the end, I decided to give this brush to my mum, who uses smaller brushes (I'm kind AND giving). 

The Blush Brush:
I love this brush! I'm using to for contouring purposes, rather than blushing (?!) purposes but it's working great. Once again, SUPER soft bristles and a perfect size for my tiny midget hands.

The Foundation Brush:
I'm a keen bean for this foundation brush. It's very small (travel sized, innit) but I quite like that because it means you can get into all the crooks and nannies nooks and crannies of your face. I might even prefer it to my old Mac foundation brush because it's much more soft - my foundation seems to glide on!

The Eyeshadow Brush, The Small Shader Brush and the Nasal Shadow Brush:
All of these are BRILLIANT. I use the nasal shadow brush on my eye creases however, as I have no need for nasal shadow.Which sounds like something very hairy men get after a few hours after shaving their noses.

The Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator:
I hate these things. I really don't know what use they are. This one is not absorbent enough to apply eyeshadow so I'm using it as a bit of a smudger for my eyeliner. A bit of a useless addition to the brush set, I'm afraid. 

My verdict? An excellent makeup set for £7.30. Some of the brushes are a bit redundant but the shadow brushes are worth that money on their own. Definitely a brilliant investment and a great addition to your makeup kit, particularly if you're on a budget!

So there you have it, my review of the Fraulein 38 travel size brush kit. Buy this set of brushes here and browse the rest of the range here!


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  1. Now I'm in my late 20s I can afford to pay more for make up, moisturisers etc. (and feeling my face needs it!!) but I remem when that wasn't the case and still enjoy a beauty bargain like Barry M nail varnishes :) its great when you find a great.product for a great price!! Xx

  2. These are such a bargain! I begrudge spending fortunes on brushes so might give these a try!

    The Style Rawr!

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  4. Great review, & I myself have come across Fraulein38, they seem like a great makeup company ... thank you for your input.

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