Thursday, 25 October 2012

14 Romantic spa day with my boyfriend...but what do I wear?!

My lovely boyfriend has booked us a romantic couples spa day at The Retreat Spa in Leek, Staffordshire on Monday. I can't wait. It's going to be amazing! Surprise gifts like this have a place in my life forever.

My back has been aching ever since starting a proper 9-5 desk job in the past couple of months. Although I had an HALF AN HOUR desk chair consultation about how to sit properly (it was hilarious), sitting for 8 hours a day is taking a lot of getting used to! Also, I've been looking for ages for the right career and it's becoming very frustrating and a bit of a worry. It's so nice to know that my other half pays attention when I am whinging about my back aching and not having the job I want!

We're having the Spa Signature Massage, to target the back, neck and shoulders and I can't wait to relieve some of the tension. Our spa day also includes the use of the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna as well as lunch at The Jester Bistro at The Retreat. All sounds great, doesn't it?


I am a serial worrier/self conscious lunatic when it comes to swimwear. I have bikinis that I ignore every year because I haven't actually started using my Nike Runner app or stopped eating every cake that is offered to me. The only option is a swimsuit really, but how do you look fashionable, on-trend as well as comfortable? I am also quite aware that it is Thursday and I have around 3 days to come up with a solution!

We'll be provided with a dressing gown by the spa, obviously, but if everyone is going to be strolling around looking beautiful and groomed, I think I might hide in the Bistro and have a scone and a large glass of wine.

Realistically, there are a huge list of things to consider:

  • Water proof makeup, lip stains?
  • Keeping hair from leaking red dye.
  • Keeping hair from becoming afro.
  • Do I fake tan?
  • If not, how do I hide wobbles?
  • If I do, how do I keep from staining bathrobe orange?
  • How to avoid irritating my boyfriend by being too self-conscious?!

Am I being neurotic? Definitely.
Do I need to buy a new swimsuit? Probably.

Does anyone have any suggestions in spa attire? How do you cope with the makeup conundrum? How do I keep my hair under control?!



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  1. I reeeaally wish I could help you out! But I can imagine myself asking these same questions if I were in that situation.
    As for the bathing suit, I think black is the way to go? Very simple, elegant, and black always looks good.

    Obviously your boyfriend loves you (he MUST by giving you such an amazing treat) and he loves the way you look, so try and remember that he likes what he sees; smile as much as possible it always makes you look more attractive and confident even when you're not.
    Waterproof mascara definitely! Perhaps lose the makeup and just wear a BB cream if your not happy about your skin?
    Try not and get your hair too wet!

    Really just try and enjoy it, I'd love to be you.
    Hope you have a really amazing time x

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment :) It actually was fine! I hardly panicked at all (although my eyebrows did melt off...). It was a brilliant day. Every day should be a spa day!

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  2. I hope you have fun today! I went to Edan Hall Spa a couple of months ago, and I was exacly the same. In the end, I just wore my gym wear and no make up with no hair products, I was in and out of the different pools, so my make up would have just rubbed off. But at the end of the day they had showers were they had amazing products, such as mud shampoos and sea salt shower scrubs, so as soon as I dried my hair and got changed out of my swimsuit (which I wore the whole day even to lunch with my robe and slippers they gave me!!) I felt so strange, seeing as I spent the whole day just in my swimsuit and a robe!

    Are you having any treatments?

    You are so lucky!! You're boyfriend sounds amazing!!

    1. It was definitely weird wearing a bathrobe to lunch haha! I've heard of Eden Hall that near Nottingham? I've heard its amazing! We both had massages and it was brilliant :) xxx

  3. Yeah! And there's Ragdale in Leicester. Amazing! Ragdale had something called the candle room where you walk down the stairs into a shallow pool in like little alcoves with are lit with candles and soothing music and the water changes colours blue purple tlow green pink and u just float. It's amazing! Edan hall is so relaxing its only a 30minute drive from me, I live their relaxation class, I actually fell a sleep in the class it was so strange! I never relax. Did you have classes at your spa? X

    1. Omg...that actually sounds incredible! Leicester isn't too far from me so I will have to check it out. The Retreat is really really small so I'm pretty sure they don't have any classes or anything like that but I'd love to know more about them?! I once fell asleep during a facial which was embarrassing haha! It's so important to just chill out though, especially when life becomes so madly busy as it usually does :)


  4. That simple piece of material covering the body is often a measure
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  5. No worries! You can always wear quality bathrobes that provide you with all the comfort you need. Of course, never forget to wear that sweet smile. :)

  6. Well, just go for the basic spa wardrobe. Something comfortable and stylish. Enjoy the treat!

  7. I'm going to my first couple spa this weekend...
    So what is it like?
    Should we wear a swimwear or just bring along?
    Or just use the bathrobe given?

    Please advise. :)

  8. Normally I would just go with the bathrobe, since you usually don’t go to spas to meet other people, so it’s really a non-issue. Though if you want to dress to impress the boyfriend, then that might be a different problem altogether.

  9. How did it go, Lauren? If you ask me, the all natural look would suffice. Even though it's a romantic date you are still going to a spa, a place where you can relax and rejuvenate your body. Have you heard of a spa within an inn? You should definitely check it out and maybe surprise your boyfriend with a romantic getaway. :)

    Thomas Barrett @ Bee And Thistle Inn



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