Wednesday, 31 October 2012

1 VERDICT: The Retreat Spa.

For anyone who read my previous post, you may have gathered that I was slightly panicked at the thought of spending a whole day makeupless, with ridiculous hair and in a swimsuit.

Apart for a few slight hitches (namely my eyebrows melting off and my red hair dye staining the bathrobe) it was an absolutely lovely day and I feel very relaxed and ready for the week ahead!

If you're wondering what my hair and makeup situation was...

It all stayed on brilliantly apart from my eyebrows and I ended up looking a little bit like Voldemort by the end of the day...

The Retreat is based in Leek, Staffordshire and took about half an hour for us to drive from my little village in Cheshire. You get to drive past a llama farm. That in itself is worth it.

When we got there, we were greeted by friendly staff, shown the changing rooms (which were FAB) and given a tour. I have to say, at a first glance it really was beautiful, particularly the spa facilities section which was very earthy with mood lighting and a fancy cave atmosphere. My one criticism would be that the relaxation/conservatory area was a bit haphazardly decorated, with too many random ornaments/pot plants/sofas. It looked like a lovely old lady's living room rather than a classy spa. Saying that, it was cosy and I did nearly fall asleep so it wasn't really the end of the world! It's quite a small spa, with a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, which we used numerous times and were really brilliant. I particularly love steam rooms, I feel like they do wonders for my skin!

They also had free green and fruit tea so obviously I was loving that and had around 20 cups. The food was nice but nothing too fancy (I had a jacket potato with cheese, beans and a HUGE side salad. My boyfriend had a sweet chilli prawn baguette with chips).

Once we had eaten lunch, we had our massages. They were amazing. If I could have a massage everyday, I would. In fact, if I ever get rich I am going to have a live-in masseuse and have one every night before I go to sleep.

I'm afraid I didn't take any pictures as I left my iPhone at home and also, cameras don't tend to work in the jacuzzi SO I've robbed one from The Retreat website :).

Overall I had a relaxing and romantic day, my makeup stayed on relatively well (apart from my eyebrows) and my hair wasn't too ridiculous.

I would definitely recommend The Retreat to anyone who wants a day of relaxation in the Staffordshire area!



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