Wednesday, 24 October 2012

5 Autumn means: BB Cream, lentil soup and a purple cat.

Good afternoon, friends.
Today we are talking about Autumn and some little thoughts and things that pop into my head.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love the leaves and wearing coats and fireplaces and walking.
 Last weekend I forced my boyfriend to drive to Statford-Upon-Avon to look at the leaves and also have a hot chocolate at The Real Tea Company. I really recommend checking this cafe out, the range of tea is amazing and it has such a great atmosphere.

TEA aside (I've had 5 cups this is only 12.33), autumn is the season of soup. I love soup. Everyone loves soup. If you don't love soup, I'm not sure what to say to you. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your soup opinions. Today, I have lentil, bean & barley soup and I can't wait to munch away.

I've also recently bought the Rimmel BB Cream. I've tried a number of BB Creams (mostly low end of the budget scale because I'm poor) and I've not really been hugely impressed. The SPF is a nice touch but I can't say I've seen the 1000000 benefits they claim is encased in a little magical tube of BB. This Rimmel one is quite nice though, it's not too heavy, looks great for work and (so far) has stayed put. I would say it is worth the £6.99 as an alternative for heavier foundation.

I'm going to end this mini-post with a picture of the mug I use at work. It's not particularly classy. It has a purple cat and a chip on it. It has the word "saggy" on it.  It wasn't even for my 18th Birthday. But we've been through a lot, me and my saggy purple cat. And what could be better than something that holds the ridiculous amounts of tea I drink at work? And as a typical teapot...what is better than a cuppa on a cold autumn night?


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  1. I'm just writing an Autumnal post, too - it's that time of the year, right? I really want to try a BB cream but have been put off by the price in case they're not any good. Might try the Rimmel one!


  2. The Rimmel one is probably the best I've used so far! Though it doesn't work well with some moisturisers so when I do wear it, I tend to whack it on without any moisturiser. Because it's quite hydrating, it's not really a huge issue! :) xxx



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