Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2 The Fight for Fakery.

Why I’m gluing on false eyelashes and bidding good day to natural beauty.

We’re bombarded with conflicting messages in the media these days: look beautiful (a cross between Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson if poss) but don’t overdo it. Get that must have sunkissed look but step away from the fake tan. Peer through big, bold eyes but falsies are a no-no.

The natural look is championed by the BBC’s Snog, Marry, Avoid? show where POD (the most irritating thing on TV, ever) gives the participants a make-under. The personal overhaul device strips the participants of their “fakery” and puts them in rubbish clothes, with crap haircuts/wigs and dull makeup. To be honest, most of them looked better before going on the show and practically all of them go back to their previous looks afterwards. I don’t blame them. False eyelashes are great.

The fact is, most of us look ill without makeup. And those who don’t look ill probably have mascara hidden down their bras. People can shout “she must have low self-esteem!” at me all you like but the proof is in the pics.

Of course, moderation is the buzz word used by fans of makeup/tan/all things artificial. If that works for you then that's great. However, us gals who like to slap on a little more than tinted moisturiser and a slick of mascara shouldn't feel guilty. I've had countless comments along the lines of "...Lauren wears a lot of makeup doesn't she?" or "Why do you fake tan? What's the point?" I would never dream of saying to someone "Why don't you use concealer? You look a bit peaky" and it should work the other way too.

At the end of the day, makeup/tan/extensions/eyelashes exist to improve and glam up your appearance. What's wrong with that? Appearances count for a lot, whether you want to be self-righteous or not, so why not stick on a lash and have a good time!

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  1. This is brilliant, totally agree x

  2. Love this and totally agree. I love make up and love applying it which means sometimes I want a dramatic look which includes liquid liner and smokey eyes. I can understand when everything is fake (and orange) it can look OTT but a bit of fakery is good! I have had individual lash extensions for nearly two years now and it is like a religion - I wouldnt be without them! It is up to you to express yourself however you want!!

    Merry christmas!





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