Tuesday, 29 January 2013

5 Three Fashion Faux Pas that Became Fashion Forward.

Whether you’re at the front of the fash pack or (like me) lurking somewhere at the back, we all know that fashion goes in circles. Many of our favourite trends and designs are drawn from previous eras and while they’re updated and modernised, the inspiration is pretty much clearly there. Many of us are now rocking styles that were made famous in decades gone by and our obsession with our stylish ancestors shows no sign of stopping. With vintage boutiques popping up here, there and well…everywhere, our love affair with bygone fashion definitely seems here to stay. Before you start throwing salty language my way, I’m 100% not knocking vintage fashion but it is fun to look back at terrible ideas (or so they seemed) that have transformed into fashion forward and high street friendly trends.

Bum Bags
Convinient? Yes. Safe? Check. Cool? Absolutely not. I’m willing to bet that those poor souls who suffered needlessly through the bum bag era thanked their lucky stars that this trend came to an end 
(except it didn't). 

For some unknown reason, bum bags re-reared their ugly heads a few years ago. Suddenly celebrities from Rihanna to Pixie Lott were donning their low-slung body bags and people actually liked it. You may have noticed from my tone that I've yet to be convinced. Nevertheless, the bum bag became a big fashion trend again in 2009, marginally improved by stylish fabric and studs. Perhaps they might still have a place at festivals or in areas with a particularly high mugging rate, but I still think they should stay far, far away in the 1990s.

MC Hammer Pants.
Hammer pants were made popular by the 1980s rapper, Stanley Burrell (aka MC Hammer, fools) and apparently, the saggy crotch and fitted ankle made them perfect for hip hop dancing. They also made them perfect for looking like an absolute troll. 

However, the bulging nappy look returned to us 21st Century fashionistas and harem pants became the hot new trouser silhouette in 2009. And they're still with us in 2013, ASOS and other retailers continue to feed our dropped crotch trouser need. I admit, I was skeptical of harem trousers at the beginning but they have slowly grown on me. They are just so frickin' comfy. 

Daisy Dukes.
These impossibly short shorts were made famous in the 1970s show The Dukes of Hazzard. While Catherine Bach looked hot in her denim cutoffs, not many people could pull off the teeny tiny shorts. It is said that Catherine had to wear nude tights so that she didn't expose too much of herself while filming, so you get the danger of donning a pair of daisy dukes.

I'm not entirely sure that short shorts ever fully went away, but knicker shorts and tiny denim shorts have definitely come to the forefront in recent years. Lets be honest, you can't pop into Topshop without inadvertently glimpsing a bit too much of a fellow shoppers bum and the less said about nights out the better. I'm probably being bitter though; there's no way I could pull off a pair of sequin knicker shorts. No way in hell.


  1. Love this!! The bum bag is a definite no no in my eyes but I do find myself looking at the one Rihanna is wearing and thinking....oooh actually......!!

    She is actually rocking another faux pas that became fashionable again!! Double denim!!!



    1. Hahaha don't tell me you're gonna get one?! ;)

  2. Ahhh Im not sure Daisy dukes are a good thing. When I go clubbing so many girls wear the faux leather ones and it kinda looks awful! Great post :)

    Mel x

    1. Haha I know what you mean, they do look quite train-wrecky but a select few girls can pull them off! xx



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